We noticed that there was a gap in what the audience was seeing from local filmmakers. What people wanted was to see films that they usually rely on Hollywood to produce. After research, we discovered that these films were mostly crime, action, and thriller films, so we decided to set the precedent for a feature-length crime-thriller set and filmed entirely in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

The production credit of 09 goes entirely to our local talent team, from above-the-line through below-the-line., proudly makes it the first Kurdish Movie to be produced by Local Manpower.

09’s production crew has proven their talent and ability to take on high-end productions with a limited schedule and budget, to turn it into something internationally commercial and viable.

Bakhtyar Fatah a Kurdish-Swedish filmmaker from Iraq, with more than 20 years of experience in the Cinema and production industry as well as TV productions, and Commercials for both Kurdish and Swedish Companies. As Co-producer and line producer for Bekes short movie that owns the Student Academy Award in 2010. The feature version of Bekas is now available on the Netflix Platform.

Fatah is the founder and CEO of KAM Productions, the pioneer and leading company for high-quality cinema and movie productions in the region, well known for producing the very advanced record-breaking movie ever in the region Paikary Dill in 2019, with more than 150K admission in local box office record.

Our main goal is to have a local cinema industry to grow for future opportunities to happen, improving our local manpower as well as production capacity to cover international big joint-projects.

Kurdistan region of Iraq is a very interesting location for the International cinema industry, with a four-season pure view landscape, our locations can full fill many big projects across the country as well as worldwide, starting from desert locations to high-mountains with snow scenes, which makes it unique in the area. 09 movie to be continued in a series format in the future.